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Pole King Industries is a leading global manufacturer of industrial adhesives. we relentlessly endeavor to develop new innovations without compromising our unparalleled standards. With each new product we introduce, we take intensive measures in development and testing to outperform current industry standards. Because of our extensive research and development, we’re able to customize adhesive solutions to exceed your most demanding 


  • .Viscosity
  • .Flexibility
  • .Ecological parameters
  • .Your unique manufacturing environment
  • .Colorization
  • .Special packaging or dispensing
  • .And other special considerations

  • We combine the flexibility and responsiveness of a small business with the quality, consistency, and technical expertise of a large corporation.


A reliable adhesive makes a world of difference to the manufacturing process. Pole King's business philosophy is to minimize your risk while enhancing your profitability. Our ability to help you accomplish this is the primary reason for our success. For businesses in a wide variety of industries, Pole King is able to streamline their process while generating substantial value.

Professional Excellence

Without our team of world-class experts, we would be unable to customize and recommend suitable adhesive solutions to such a wide variety of different partners. Pole King's highly responsive technical professionals will assist you in making the appropriate adhesive decision by taking into consideration every requirement of your application.

Our promise to you is that we will be just as committed to the quality and value of your manufacturing as you are. We look forward to enabling your success in a brave new world of globalization.